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Increasing efficiency and responsibility in the plastics industry requires flexibility, efficient use of data and a future-proof approach. Finnish Extron has for decades successfully designed and manufactured intelligent, high-tech extrusion parts, units and lines. Our technical expertise is combined with solution-oriented service as well as creative thinking.

We believe that quality is built on dedication. Extron’s extrusion units have a long service life with low downtime. Our service is personal, and we offer our full expertise at all stages of the extrusion process, from the first contact to post-project quality control. Our broad and diverse experience has created a strong understanding and meeting our customers’ individual and evolving needs has always been the cornerstone of our operations. In addition to our standard products, we design and create customized, smart and automated solutions from start to finish, in cooperation with the customer.

The world is changing, and the plastics industry is changing with it. Our first-class design, technology expertise and reliable service always aim to secure the highest quality possible. We are proud to build a better, more efficient, more sustainable and more responsible future for the extrusion industry, together with our customers.


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