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Pipes and fittings from 20 to 200 mm. High-capacity gasket magazine, up to 400 pcs, application speed up to 800 pcs/h.

For corrugated pipes OD from 110 to 250 mm, pipe lengths from 2 m. Application speed up to 150 gaskets per hour with high-capacity gasket magazine, up to 360 gaskets.

Fittings from 20 to 200 mm. For variable gasket types. Application speed up to 800 pcs/h, gasket magazine up to 200 pcs.

MECARING is an optimal seal ring inserting machine for plastic pipes and plastic pipe fittings. We developed two basic ring magazine designs to meet your unique needs and requirements. Extron Mecaring inserting tools are always flexibly designed, according to your seal/gasket ring type and dimensions.

Automated seal ring inserting is essential part of automatic plastic pipe and fitting production. Mecaring solutions are easily integrated with injection molding cell and plastic pipe extrusion lines.

Easy-change inserting tools for a wide range of seals:

MecaTool I for solid rubber seals and O-rings
Available from 28 mm to 200 mm (also inch sizes). Sewer and Duct pipe seals, such as BL etc. Compresses the seal for inserting, needs low lubrication. Pneumatic operation with one cylinder

MecaTool II for rubber seals with retaining ring
Available from 40 mm to 160 mm (also inch sizes). Sewer pipe seals, such as HMS and DD types etc. Slides the seal through the cylindrical tool, needs lubrication. Pneumatic operation with two cylinders

Mecatool III for solid rubber seals and rubber seals with integrated retaining element
Available from 50 mm to 200 mm (also inch sizes). Pressure and non-pressure pipe seals, such as HB-Fix, Din Lock, Anger Lock, Rieber etc. Simulates the human way of mounting, no need for lubrication. Pneumatic operation with four cylinders.

Extron Mecaring DW

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