In plastic extrusion, control and predictability are key elements to ensure the successful and effective production. Thanks to automation, you can be confident that your line works exactly as it was designed. It also allows you to reduce human errors, injuries and other accidental issues in monotonous and repetitive work phases, and gives you the chance to redirect your professionals to more meaningful tasks.

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MECARING is an optimal seal ring inserting tool for plastic pipes and plastic pipe fittings. Automation maximizes usability, reliability and efficiency of your process, with less unnecessary delays due to human errors. We developed two basic ring magazine designs to meet your unique needs and requirements. Extron Mecaring inserting tools are always flexibly designed, according to your gasket ring type and dimensions.

Automated seal ring inserting is an essential part of effective automatic plastic pipe and fitting production. Mecaring solutions are easily integrated with injection molding cells and plastic pipe extrusion lines.

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Security & consistency

The automated seal inserting makes your entire line more efficient and reliable. It reduces the ergonomic issues of your employees, as well as the number of errors and unwanted surprises. Your customers will certainly receive the products they ordered, without unnecessary complaints.

Optimized flexibility

MECARING is designed for the individual needs of the processes of the pipe fitting industry. It is an optimal and flexible boost to the productivity of your line. Versatile layout design and compact size ensure the functionality and safety in every working environment.

Quick & easy

Operating MECARING is easy and smooth. The touch screen controller is comfortable to use, and the settings can be precisely customized. Quick changeover time provides your operators fast change of the tool for different seal types and ring diameters.

Features & Specifications

Pipes and fittings from 20 to 200 mm. High-capacity gasket magazine, up to 400 pcs, application speed up to 800 pcs/h.

For corrugated pipes OD from 110 to 250 mm, pipe lengths from 2 m. Application speed up to 150 gaskets per hour with high-capacity gasket magazine, up to 360 gaskets.

Fittings from 20 to 200 mm. For variable gasket types. Application speed up to 800 pcs/h, gasket magazine up to 200 pcs.

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