With VIRE you won’t need to worry about the requirements of the current and soon-to-be-updated safety standards of the plastic industry. The winder is divided into fenced security areas and the operation stops automatically if safety issues appear. The operators are required a separate request to access the area. Consistent and procedural use ensure that VIRE always works as efficiently and safely as designed.

In addition to being the safest winder on the market, VIRE also improves predictability and reduces the risks of unexpected breakdowns and unnecessary downtime and delays.

Mikko Vuorinen

Mikko Vuorinen

Sales Manager
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VIRE extrusion winders are designed for automated plastic film winding. VIRE winders are suitable for a wide range of different construction, packaging and food packing films with different widths. Our design and manufacturing expertise will help you ensure safe, flexible and efficient production.

The maximum speed of our winders is up to 200 meters per minute. Flexible web tension control provides a great basis for further processing of rolls. Easy-to-operate motorized shaft and fully automated roll handling make the machine safe on highest standard.

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Safe to operate:

VIRE is the safest winder in the plastic industry. It minimizes operator errors and meets or exceeds all the modern safety requirements without compromising on functionality or productivity.

Safe to invest:

Smart design, future proof technology and high quality components secure your investments in process and equipment. Our experience and life cycle expertise are always at your service.

Safe for further processing:

VIRE winder produces perfect and uniform quality blown film rolls for your further in-house processing or for your customers, with minimum scrap and exact traceability.

Extron VIRE is a safe and efficient blown film winder for agriculture, medical industry, food packaging and industrial manufacturing


Vire Contact

Extron VIRE Contact Winders are designed for wide range of different construction and packaging films with different widths.


Vire Multi

Extron VIRE Multi is designed for fully automated, safe and efficient winding of different construction, packaging, and food packing films.

Vire Stretch

Extron VIRE Stretch is designed for fully automatic plastic film winding. Silo Stretch Winder is optimized for 750 mm silo stretch rolls with its 3400 mm width.

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