Two decades of partnership

, Case Study: FL-Pipe

The partnership between Extron Mecanor and FL-Pipe began in 1999 when Anders “Antti” Ljunberg and Lars-Erik “Äkki” Furu decided to tackle a significant challenge: they would manufacture high-quality pipe from a raw material that had previously went unwanted. “Our first purchase was a large stock of material no one else wanted.”

The challenge was that the raw material couldn’t be utilized by the traditional extruders manufactured by large German companies. So a custom solution was needed, but a supplier was still missing.

Who dares accept the challenge?

FL-Pipe requested quotes from plastic extrusion manufacturers with their own specifications: a production line very different from anything that had ever been built before. There were no guarantees that it would succeed, and there was no way to test the design before the entire line was completed.
, Case Study: FL-Pipe
“Basically we needed to choose someone based on trust, not on existing solutions. We wanted to find a company that displayed a genuine interest in solving our issues, and would continue to support us after the delivery.”

In the end, there was no confusion about who they would choose.

“Extron Mecanor was willing, able and the only one who rose up to the challenge.”

Extron receives full marks and then some

Ever since the first purchase order, the two companies have worked closely together. The third and latest extrusion line was built 2014 and currently the companies are working on upgrading older machinery.

, Case Study: FL-Pipe“Working with Extron Mecanor simply works. They have a wide range of knowledge they are able to utilize to the benefit of the customer. Especially important for us, is that they have both engineers and electricians in-house. This means that the vital connection between the machine logic and the machine electrical work is understood by everyone in the company — whomever we call, they always understand how the machine works.”

Continuing the path of success

The story of the partnership is continuing and FL-Pipe has been extremely happy with the quality, cost-effectiveness and brilliant support service. When asked what kind of company would benefit most from working with Extron, Anders has this to say:

“Anyone who needs machinery for the plastic industry.”