Rani Plast Ltd and Extron have been working together for decades. Nordic flexibility, safety and taking account of operators are valuable features that will ensure successful cooperation in the future as well. 

Kai Vesala works as Rani Plast Ltd’s operations manager in Teerijärvi. He is responsible for agricultural products using several Extron blown film winders. 
The collaboration has been going on for decades, but the ongoing wrapping film winder project began in 2019. 
“A couple of years ago, they delivered us a unit more than 3m wide. We developed it in collaboration here on site. As a result of the joint development work, Extron will provide a similar modified winder this year, where improvements have already been made”, Vesala says. 
He thinks that co-operation with a domestic partner works smoothly. 
“Technical support is close, that’s the most important thing. During the long cooperation, a relationship has developed to a point, where things can be discussed intensively or more relaxed. We have always found a common approach”, Vesala describes. 

Operator safety is paramount 

Internationally, Extron’s greatest strength is, in Vesala’s opinion, not only agility but also safety. 
“Equipment safety issues are at a much higher level compared to major international competitors. I think it’s really great how Extron pays attention to the operators and develops solutions that make everything run smoothly. It is wonderful that we have this kind of expertise in Finland”, says Vesala. 
In the future, cooperation will continue as before. 
“We have numerous Extron rewinders and they are sure to need updates on software as well as more. As technology evolves, so must equipment. You can’t even get parts for outdated technology, so you have to constantly develop new ones”, Vesala concludes.