At the heart of Extron’s service is providing our expertise and know-how, not just supplying high-quality equipment or spare parts. From us, you always get the essential elements that meet the high requirements of your production. But you also have our entire design, manufacturing and optimization expertise at your disposal. 

The efficiency of your production can be improved by optimizing the performance of a single component, such as the extruder screw. But from the smart operators’ point of view, the keywords are intelligent design, future-proof approach and automation expertise. 

Automation collects information on the most important parameters of the process. It enables effective and flexible tools to control and monitor the performance of equipment and operators. Thanks to automation, you can examine the collected data afterward and look for solutions if something goes wrong or if any anomalies appear. 

Automation modernization is a cost-effective way to extend the life cycle of your machinery and improve usability and even safety. Renewing critical components also increases predictability, traceability and product information management. Recording production and environmental parameters also helps you to improve quality control and minimize wastage. 

Smart design for smart operators

In the plastics and extrusion industry, operators are always an important part of production. One main purpose of our units and services is to help them develop into as skilled process experts as possible. We design user interfaces based on the operators’ wishes, and interaction is vital for development. The operators’ everyday work is guided by data collected by automated devices, so it is natural that the information received from the operators guides the design, manufacture and modernization of these devices. Extron’s equipment deliveries include operator training, and more training is always available if needed. 

Nordic design-work from manufacture to maintenance

When designing our extrusion machinery, the flexible maintenance is always a key priority. Our maintenance projects are always planned precisely and in detail in advance, in cooperation with our customers. This way we can minimize disruptions and unnecessary downtime. 

Whether your need is to renew essential parts, maintain equipment, improve efficiency or modernize automation, Extron’s professionals are always at your service. We take our customers’ problems all the way to a solution. 

Juha Mattila
Manager of Mechanical design department