Metsä Board Husum has chosen Raumaster Paper and Extron-Mecanor to be the main suppliers for their new extruder line. Raumaster Paper is known for winders and comprehensive roll handling systems whereas Extron-Mecanor is specialized in plastic extrusion technologies.

The Raumaster Paper scope consists of a 3,5 m wide extruder coating machine, all equipment concerning winding and web control from unwind to wind-up, an automatic machine reel storage and a winder. Additionally Raumaster Paper deliver the roll transport equipment handling the flow of cardboard rolls from the warehouse to the extruder line and bringing the coated rolls from the winder back to the warehouse and to wrapping. Electrical supply, drives, automation and safety equipment are also part of the Raumaster Paper delivery scope.

Extron-Mecanor provides the required coating equipment containing granule feeding and dosing devices, laminating units, coating dies as well as pre- and post-processing units. Extron-Mecanor also supply the extruders including temperature control system and electrical drives.

The production line will be installed by Raumaster Paper into the existing production spaces of the Husum Mill. The line is planned to be started-up in the beginning of 2017 with an annual capacity of 100 000 tons of PE-coated fresh forest fibre folding boxboard.

The coating line fits well into the product concept of both Raumaster Paper and Extron-Mecanor thus enabling for the design of a prolific and modern production site complying with all contemporary safety standards. The companies are located close to each other and both have considerable expertise in board processing equipment.

The Quattroll–brand of Raumaster Paper is known for its fast slitting winders, turret un-winders and pope reels equipped with efficient solutions enhancing capacity and quality. Raumaster Paper roll handling systems are used in numerous board mills worldwide.

Extron-Mecanor has extensive experience in plastic extrusion technology equipment for plastic film and the production of plastic pipes.