Extron VIRE blown film winder raises the bar to the next level in terms of safety, usability and productivity. It meets all the modern safety criteria of the plastic industry. VIRE can be installed in a new line, or it can replace the worn and unsafe winder of your current line.

In Extron’s design, safety and usability are always top priorities. Our design architecture aims to maximize safety without compromising on functionality. Safe and productive unit design is always based on understanding the purpose of your line and everyday decisions of the operators, as well as carefully testing the components. Our risk assessment process includes evaluating machine functions and the roles and actions of operators, as well as identifying potential risks, analyzing them and defining solutions. Based on this data, we can create the risk management plan

, Smart design for safe winders

Maximum safety, minimum compromises

VIRE winder meets the requirements of the current and soon-to-be-updated safety standards of the plastic industry, unlike the vast majority of other blown film winders on the market. VIRE is divided into security areas with fences and automatically stopping security logic. The operator’s access to the area requires a separate request. VIRE winder is designed and instructed to be used always in the same way to secure the optimal safety and efficiency. This way the risk of unexpected breakdowns reduces, production can be run on schedule and possible delays are avoided. Working according to the designed protocol also improves predictability. When working with the safe unit, accidents and near misses are reduced. Work ergonomics also improves, which increases the operator’s well-being, motivation and productivity.

VIRE boosts your blown film production

With VIRE winder, the choices and everyday actions of your operators are based on measured data, so making smart and correct choices becomes routine. The hotmelt applying of the sleeves and placing them on the winding shaft is done by a robot, while the conveyors automatically remove the product rolls from the unit. Automating the handling of cores and product rolls reduces operators’ repetitive work phases and the number of human errors. It also minimizes unexpected stops. In a nutshell, automation increases your production speed.

The process parameters can be measured, the alarm list is more comprehensive, and troubleshooting is clearer due to more extensive history data and remote monitoring. Also, the follow-up of complaints becomes easier. When all kinds of issues and unwanted situations in the production process can be identified quickly, the production loss can be minimized.

Thanks to the components designed according to the latest standards, the availability of spare parts is also secured. Our support for automation components lasts up to 10 years. With VIRE, you can also process new types of recipes, which expands the production possibilities to various new film types. The winder has excellent adjustment possibilities for different films and the film roll can be formed smoothly for further processing. You also have the opportunity to automate the entire production chain, packing the rolls directly into the box, onto the pallet and for further processing.
All in all, Extron’s VIRE blown film winder is a huge boost for safety, usability and production efficiency. For more information, contact our architects of extrusion.

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