Smart design for better tomorrow

How will efficiency, traceability, sustainability and meaningfulness be combined in the future of the plastics industry? Extron’s answers are smart design, versatile experience and a deep understanding of all stages of the extrusion process.

The smart design increases predictability, reduces downtime and makes the process more reliable. In short, it helps to maximize control. From our customers’ perspective, the biggest advantage is reliability. You know exactly what you get, and you can be sure the equipment matches your unique requirements. Usually, our design work starts from scratch and ends with a turnkey solution with further support.
Extron has been designing and manufacturing machines for the plastic industry for several decades. For us, intelligent design means listening carefully to what our customers need. We can make small adjustments to machines already in use or design completely new equipment or lines. The goal of our design work is always to make the line as efficient as possible and to support the strong professionalism of the operators.

, Smart design for better tomorrow

The future is automated

My story here in Extron began in 1996, in the mechanical assembly department. Over the decades, we have learned to understand all the stages of the extrusion process and the special needs of different industries. We have streamlined our processes to help our customers streamline their own. That has led to equally strong expertise in design, manufacturing and maintenance. Our extrusion architects know how to identify the challenges and high quality requirements of our customers in the plastic industry.
The biggest change over the years has been the increasing importance of automation. It is impossible to visualize the future of the plastic industry without automated systems. The recipes and processes are becoming more and more complex, and there is no room for human errors. The plastic processes are quite consuming, but automation helps to decrease material waste and energy consumption. It also supports the use of recycled materials. Upgrades for existing lines and machines extend the life cycle of the machinery. Automation also makes scheduling more reliable and enhances planning and predictability. From the operators’ point of view, it offers new professional challenges and opportunities, so that the everyday work will continue to be meaningful and rewarding.

, Smart design for better tomorrow
Juha Mattila, Manager of Mechanical design department

VASTE boosts your performance

Extron VASTE is designed to boost traceability and gather all the important process data for further analysis. It combines all the critical elements required for an efficient and productive automated extrusion process. It is an optimal tool to streamline and control the whole line and to monitor the quality. It helps the professionals to operate the machines in the most efficient way, including minimalized downtime. Therefore, it serves the interests of both management, operators and your clients and partners. To learn more about VASTE and how to increase production efficiency, control, safety and sustainability, check out our VASTE website or contact our extrusion architects.

Juha Mattila
Manager of Mechanical design department

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