When the unit is carefully designed to meet the needs of the process and the smart operators, it is also safe and efficient to use. That’s our philosophy in a nutshell. Of course, the design alone isn’t enough. The implementation, training and aftercare are just as important.  

In the course of history, we have seen lots of high-tech safety measures, like security radars and cameras. However, practice has shown that simple physical fencing combined with a high level of automation is the best combo when making sure the machine is reliably safe and easy to use.  

Smart design for smart operators 

In today’s busy and efficiency-driven world, the success of projects is often based on careful planning, preparation and reliability. At Extron, every new project starts with a risk analysis. Once the potential challenges have been mapped, the project will progress more smoothly from both our and our customers’ perspectives. 

The actual design work always starts with understanding the unit’s role in the whole production process and the needs of smart operators. When the operation of the units matches the operators’ everyday life, their use is efficient, predictable and safe. 

Automation increases safety 

The rapid development of requirements and opportunities in our industry has also raised automation to a key position. Automation increases reliability and traceability and reduces the risk of human errors. That’s why investing in automation is always investing in safety as well. 

Extron’s intelligent design is a combination of experience and future-proof approach. We always use most suitable parts and methods to boost your performance, enhance your level of automation and secure the safety of your operators. 

Niko Holm, CEO  

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