Customers do not wait for their products. Production must work, and this poses challenges also for machine and equipment vendors.

– Machinery is available from Europe and China, but from Toijala we get maintenance on the same day. The entrepreneur cannot afford the line to stand still when a service provider is expected from abroad. That is one reason we chose Extron as a supplier for our new machine, emphasizes Tauno Tuliniemi, Managing Director of TT-Plast Oy.

Good cooperation between TT-Plast and Extron has long traditions. Tauno Tuliniemi has over thirty years of experience with Extron and when TT-Plast was established in 2003, Extron delivered two full pipelines to its factory with all its tools.

Extruder No. 400 produces pipes in Pori

TT-Plast’s well-functioning pipeline was upgraded to the latest technology. The new extruder is four hundredth Extron machine delivered.
– Quality of maintenance, fastness of service and seamless cooperation also affected the choice of a new machine vendor. The installation went in half the time we were prepared for, we started production in a few days. The whole project went very smoothly, thanked Tauno Tuliniemi.
TT-Plast manufactures non-pressure and pressure pipes for municipal and building technology from 25 mm to 630 mm.

, The service level is essential when choosing supplier