Extron designed and implemented an edge trim cutting and transport system for Amerplast Ltd’s existing film line in Tampere. A film utilizing a lot of recycled materials required a new kind of cutting system, as well as a roller with pull nips that re-transports the edge trims for granulation. 

Jani Ojennus is the foreman of Amerplast Ltd’s extrusion department in Vehmainen Tampere, manufacturing food and hygiene packaging films for customers in the paper and food industries. He joined the company in 1996 and has since held various management positions. 
“I’ve been in the blown film industry for a long time, and over the years we’ve collaborated a lot with Extron. I think our collaborations have always been nice projects. As a domestic manufacturer, they are constantly close, so working with them is easy, fast and flexible”, Ojennus says. 
Extron delivered the cutting and transport system to Amerplast in late 2020. The project had been prepared before, but its implementation was waiting for the right moment. 
“We had a product that required a slightly different approach”, Ojennus describes. “We needed a reliable cutting line to prevent production interruptions or other problems. We supplied Extron with test rolls and they developed the unit based on our requirements”, says Ojennus. 

Flexible, agile and efficient partnership 

Extron and Amerplast have worked together over the years. 
“They have completed modernization projects for a couple of our film lines. They also updated operating systems to be more up-to-date. In addition, we have done other equipment upgrade and development work together”, Ojennus sums up. 
According to Ojennus, Extron is a knowledgeable and forward-looking partner. 
“We understand things the same way. It facilitates cooperation. They know the equipment and requirements of our industry. We don’t always know the right solution, but they always find the right approach and required elements.” 
Domestic cooperation also facilitates communication and strengthens commitment to joint projects. 
“Extron understands the seriousness of our challenges, and the service is more direct and solution-oriented”, Ojennus thinks. “The broader organizational structure of large groups also makes projects more time-consuming when things are not progressing so fast and the roles are not clear from the beginning. Extron is just the right size, agile and efficient.” 
Ojennus is sure, that the cooperation will continue in the future. 
“There are already a lot of plans, and we keep in touch on a regular basis. We just went to Extron’s premises to see new winders and their other fresh ideas. We will certainly continue to implement joint projects.”