We´ve purchased a used plastic pipe production line and it´s control system is totally broken. What should we do?  

We do a lot of modernizations for pipe lines. With our help you can control the whole line including downstream or just the extruder. We can also update the motors and drives if needed. When the extruder is under maintenance, we also recommend measuring the screw and barrel. Then you will know the weariness of the critical extrusion parts and order new parts if needed. Let´s have a meeting for more accurate information. 

Our main extruder output has decreased 15%. What could be the reason? 

Something is wrong with the feed bush, screw or barrel. We know all stages of extrusion process and our core competence is to identify problems and design and implement the necessary solutions for individual parts or complete lines. Do you want our expert to do an inspection? 

Our company´s new strategy says that we need to increase the use of recycled materials. How does you NOSTE R gravimeter for recycled materials work and what are the benefits comparing to “normal” gravimeter? 

Noste R enables larger particles and is suitable for re-grinded materials. It provides you four different material flows in one gravimeter. The accurate granule feeding helps you increase raw material savings, use challenging recipes and make better use of recycled materials. Noste R output for each feed screw is 0 – 1000 kg/h.  

We have done a safety check in our blown film production. Safety level of the winders was not at an acceptable level. What do you recommend? 

Modernization is one possibility, but the high safety standards are difficult to reach. Our automated VIRE winders help you meet the highest safety standards with great usability and reliability. 

Do you have belling machines in your selection? 

No. We recommend contacting our partners at https://www.sica-italy.com/ 

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